A mixtape to cure your summer malaise

This is a …weird time for me. It’s a time of transition. I finished law school in May. I’m currently studying to take the bar exam at the end of July. After that…I am certain of nothing, except that everything will work out how it is supposed to. The effect of all this is: a […]

A message about that horrible Anonymous message to Kayne West

When it comes to Things White People Love, ‘talking about how big an asshole Kanye West is’ is the new ‘talking about how much Nickleback’s music sucks.’ Today, we seem to have reached peak Kayne-hate. Circulating on Facebook/the Internet is a seven-minute plus video message to Kayne West by someone claiming to be affiliated with […]

On Fifty Shades of Grey and freedom of fantasy

For weeks, I’ve let y’all finish about how bad bad bad Fifty Shades of Grey is.* NOW IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE. I enjoyed all three of the books, as well as the film adaptation of the first book that was released on Valentine’s Day. Because I’m a Grown Woman who can discern what is appropriate IRL from […]

Everything that sucks about the celeb nude photo “scandal”

This nude photo “scandal” sucks for a couple reasons. Reason #1: this is yet another example of how we teach that consent doesn’t matter. Untold numbers of people are going to look at these photos despite knowing (and for some people precisely because they know) the subjects did not consent to their release. It is the lack of […]

Now That’s What I Call Problematic! A feminist analysis of “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor

It’s time for some cRiTiCaL tHiNkInG about pop culture. Like any good feminist, it’s impossible for me to consume popular culture without picking up on any racist, classist, sexist, heteronormative, or otherwise problematic elements. I find it therapeutic to put it all down in writing, and to read others doing the same, so here goes: My specimen is Meghan Trainor’s […]

How do the views of VP Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner differ when it comes to women and fair pay? Their reactions to women getting equal pay as men tell the story.

#SOTUfem2: The State of the Union gets a feminist review

How did President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union promote feminist issues? We’ll let you (and Twitter) be the judge.