The post-welfare legacy of Bill Clinton

The New York TImes has an interesting piece up on the legacy of President Clinton’s welfare reform efforts.  These efforts were a part of Clinton’s broader re-election strategy of triangulation: the attempt to co-opt the issues and views of one’s opponents, thus pulling the rug out from under them.  In this spirit, Clinton, a baby-boomer, […]

International Women’s Day News Roundup

Happy International Women’s Day, from….a man.  Oh well, nevermind the messenger, here’s a quick roundup of the news from International Women’s Day! First off, from Time Magazine, we have a debate on the question of “Are Women People?” that addresses some of the recent issues (Sandra Fluke, mandatory ultrasounds for abortion-happy ladies, etc) and considers […]

If Sandra Fluke = Prostitute, Obama = Pimp

Yeah, someone went there: And here we have a masterful response from Angry Black Lady: Yeah, let that sink in. You’ve got the African-American President is a 70′s pimp angle, the Sandra Fluke is a whore angle, the “evil light-skinned brother” angle, the white girl subservient to the black man angle, a complete misrepresentation of […]

Kentucky Woman Wins Case with National Labor Relations Board

In my inaugural post, I thought I’d highlight a recent bit of news about a Louisville woman who was terminated from her job at Our Lady of Peace hospital last year for trying to organize a union.  Joe Sonka at Leo Weekly first covered the story last year: Amy Doyle had worked at Our Lady […]