A mixtape to cure your summer malaise

This is a …weird time for me. It’s a time of tran­si­tion. I fin­ished law school in May. I’m cur­rently study­ing to take the bar exam at the end of July. After that…I am cer­tain of noth­ing, except that every­thing will work out how it is sup­posed to. The effect of all this is: a mean […]

A message about that horrible Anonymous message to Kayne West

When it comes to Things White Peo­ple Love, ‘talk­ing about how big an ass­hole Kanye West is’ is the new ‘talk­ing about how much Nickleback’s music sucks.’ Today, we seem to have reached peak Kayne-hate. Cir­cu­lat­ing on Facebook/the Inter­net is a seven-minute plus video mes­sage to Kayne West by some­one claim­ing to be affil­i­ated with the […]

On Fifty Shades of Grey and freedom of fantasy

For weeks, I’ve let y’all fin­ish about how bad bad bad Fifty Shades of Grey is.* NOW IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE. I enjoyed all three of the books, as well as the film adap­ta­tion of the first book that was released on Valentine’s Day. Because I’m a Grown Woman who can dis­cern what is appro­pri­ate IRL from what […]

Everything that sucks about the celeb nude photo “scandal”

This nude photo “scan­dal” sucks for a cou­ple rea­sons. Rea­son #1: this is yet another exam­ple of how we teach that con­sent doesn’t mat­ter. Untold num­bers of peo­ple are going to look at these pho­tos despite know­ing (and for some peo­ple pre­cisely because they know) the sub­jects did not con­sent to their release. It is the lack of […]

Beyonce side eye

Now That’s What I Call Problematic! A feminist analysis of “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor

It’s time for some cRiT­i­CaL tHiNk­InG about pop cul­ture. Like any good fem­i­nist, it’s impos­si­ble for me to con­sume pop­u­lar cul­ture with­out pick­ing up on any racist, clas­sist, sex­ist, het­ero­nor­ma­tive, or oth­er­wise prob­lem­atic ele­ments. I find it ther­a­peu­tic to put it all down in writ­ing, and to read oth­ers doing the same, so here goes: My spec­i­men is Meghan Trainor’s “All […]


Our real-time reaction to “Beyoncé”

Bey­oncé’s lat­est self-titled release is an artis­tic, fem­i­nist, strate­gic tri­umph so big we’ve only begun to wrap our heads around it. Some­thing tells us we’ll spend much of 2014 try­ing. Of course some folks don’t get what all the fuss it about. To them I would say: some things aren’t meant for you. And that’s […]

"Pick your outfit appropriately"

How to “Pick your outfit appropriately”

It’s time to party, which means it’s time to choose my party out­fit. I want to look hawt but not so hawt that I “attract those not-so-respectful guys.” Lucky for me, I found some tips on how to pull this off in “Sur­vival Guide: College-partying tips and how-tos that save your mind and dignity — […]