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A message about that horrible Anonymous message to Kayne West

When it comes to Things White Peo­ple Love, ‘talk­ing about how big an ass­hole Kanye West is’ is the new Read More →

Will it feminist? Usher’s “I don’t mind”

In which I put the lat­est pop cul­ture offer­ing through the inter­sec­tional fem­i­nist wringer to find out, will it fem­i­nist? This week’s vic­tim is Usher’s “I don’t mind.” Read More →

On Fifty Shades of Grey and freedom of fantasy

For weeks, I’ve let y’all fin­ish about how bad bad bad Fifty Shades of Grey is.* NOW IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE. Read More →

Everything that sucks about the celeb nude photo “scandal”

This nude photo “scan­dal” sucks for a cou­ple rea­sons. Rea­son #1: this is yet another exam­ple of how we teach that Read More →

Now That’s What I Call Problematic! A feminist analysis of “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor

It’s time for some cRiT­i­CaL tHiNk­InG about pop cul­ture. Like any good fem­i­nist, it’s impos­si­ble for me to con­sume pop­u­lar Read More →

Our real-time reaction to “Beyoncé”


Bey­oncé’s lat­est self-titled release is an artis­tic, fem­i­nist, strate­gic tri­umph so big we’ve only begun to wrap our heads around Read More →

How to “Pick your outfit appropriately”

It’s time to party, which means it’s time to choose my party out­fit. I want to look hawt but not Read More →

President Clinton’s side dish

Vic­tim blam­ing still per­sists when we talk about the Bill Clin­ton “sex scan­dal.” Read More →

Adventures in activism (or that time I argued with a Pro-lifer)

I argued with a Pro-lifer and lived to regret it. Read More →

Planned Parenthood president speaks in Louisville

Planned Par­ent­hood pres­i­dent Cecile Richards appeared at a fundraiser for Planned Par­ent­hood in Louisville, Ken­tucky at the museum hotel 21 c. Read More →