What causes rape? Rapists.
My body is my own!
Consent is asking for it!
You can't shame me!
Does this outfit make you lose control over your libido?
Stop blaming the victim!
Men of quality respect women's equality
We demand an end to rape and rape culture now.
No always means no!
Blame the rapist. Not the victim.

SlutWalk Cleveland: No always means no

When I told some of my friends I was attend­ing a rally called “Slut­Walk,” I received more than a few odd glances.  When I fur­ther explained the walk is an anti-rape rally protest­ing vic­tim blam­ing, the glances were even more con­fused.  Many ques­tioned why the demean­ing word slut was incor­po­rated into an event with such a […]

Unite Women Logo 4/28/12

Kentucky women unite!

Ken­tucky women unite in sol­i­dar­ity against the War on Women Sat­ur­day, April 28th, 2012 from 2–6 p.m. in Louisville, Ken­tucky. The event will fea­ture speak­ers like Con­gress­man John Yarmuth and Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Mary Lou Marz­ian and per­for­mances by poet Bianca Spriggs and local bands like Egret.

Kentucky declares war against the War on Women

Mark your cal­en­dars for the “Unite Against the War on Women” rally to protest the cur­rent nation­wide onslaught of anti-woman leg­is­la­tion. The rally will be held on Sat­ur­day, April 28th from 2–6 p.m. in Louisville, KY.