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A Cleveland kidnapping goes viral. Now what?

Will the res­cue of three kid­napped women in Cleve­land lead to a greater dis­cus­sion about sex­ual vio­lence? Read More →

This election is a matter of life or death

One woman’s health scare gives insight into why women should sup­port Barack Obama’s re-election. Read More →

Planned Parenthood president speaks in Louisville

Planned Par­ent­hood pres­i­dent Cecile Richards appeared at a fundraiser for Planned Par­ent­hood in Louisville, Ken­tucky at the museum hotel 21 c. Read More →

Picture of the Day

Intru­sive, degrad­ing, and sex­ist leg­is­la­tion has no place in a free soci­ety.” Read More →

My sister’s nappy hair

When my sis­ter changed her hair­style, she gave me a les­son about self-acceptance. Read More →

Fetal Seance Bill” sits before Kentucky House Committee

Bill before KY House Com­mit­tee would force women to have sono­gram dur­ing abor­tion pro­ce­dure. Read More →

Pro-Lifers protest around the clock at Louisville abortion clinic

If you need an abor­tion in Ken­tucky, you have two choices: the EMW Women’s Sur­gi­cal Cen­ter in either Louisville or Lex­ing­ton. Read More →

Snip snip

More like if a vet­eri­nar­ian chose your birth con­trol. That’s pretty much the power dynamic between leg­is­la­tors and women right now. Read More →

Derby Day

For­get gam­bling, giant hats, mud, and gross dis­plays of wealth/alcohol intox­i­ca­tion. This is my kind of derby: Derby City Roller Girls Read More →

Today was…not so good

There’s this and this and this, which is why I feel like this. It’s Handmaid’s Tale: the Pre­quel. But on the bright side: this! Read More →