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Strippers and marriage

Louisville passed a highly restric­tive adult enter­tain­ment ordi­nance, which may put them out of busi­ness. Same-sex cou­ples could get mar­ried for the first time today in New York. Read More →

New York equal marriage bill passes 33–29

At approx­i­mately 10:30 pm, Fri­day, June 24, 2011, New York became the sixth and most pop­u­lous state in the union Read More →

Update: New York Senate now debating some boring bill

The livestream video of the New York State Sen­ate def­i­nitely works. They’re now debat­ing S4BOR, spon­sored by Sen. Berry Bor­ing, Read More →

BREAKING: New York Senate to vote on equal marriage bill tonight

BREAKING: New York Sen­ate to vote on equal mar­riage bill tonight. Sen­ate major­ity leader Dean Ske­los just announced that the equal mar­riage bill will indeed come to a vote tonight. Watch the sen­ate vote LIVE from Her­Linked. Read More →

Will New York make history today?

NY State Sen­ate could vote on equal mar­riage at any time today — Will New York make his­tory today? Read More →

I’d go gay for these Republicans

Applaud­ing Repub­li­cans who sup­port gay mar­riage in New York and New Jer­sey. Read More →

Welcome to the club, Michelle Bachmann!

Michelle Bach­mann becomes third anti-gay politi­cian to get glit­ter­bombed in Min­neapo­lis. Read More →

We Heart NY

New York state assem­bly passes equal mar­riage bill 5/16. Read More →