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#SOTUfem2: The State of the Union gets a feminist review

How do the views of VP Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner differ when it comes to women and fair pay? Their reactions to women getting equal pay as men tell the story.

How did Pres­i­dent Obama’s 2014 State of the Union pro­mote fem­i­nist issues? We’ll let you (and Twit­ter) be the judge. Read More →

Mandela and The Colors of Friendship

The Color of Friendship was a children's movie with a big impact on Herlinked editor Marchae.

Some­times, I won­der why they don’t make more movies like “The Color of Friend­ship,” but when Nel­son Man­dela died, I think I got my answer. Read More →

What happened to our freedom?

As I celebrated July 4th this year, I asked myself what freedom means to me. Here I am with my lovely lady.

With the recent assault on women’s rights, it’s easy to won­der whose inde­pen­dence we’re really cel­e­brat­ing on July 4th. Read More →

This election is a matter of life or death

One woman’s health scare gives insight into why women should sup­port Barack Obama’s re-election. Read More →

President Clinton’s side dish

Vic­tim blam­ing still per­sists when we talk about the Bill Clin­ton “sex scan­dal.” Read More →

The post-welfare legacy of Bill Clinton

The New York TImes has an inter­est­ing piece up on the legacy of Pres­i­dent Clinton’s wel­fare reform efforts.  These efforts Read More →

Score one for reproductive rights in Kentucky

Ken­tucky House Health and Wel­fare Com­mit­tee votes down three bills that would restrict women’s access to abor­tion. Read More →

Fetal Seance Bill” sits before Kentucky House Committee

Bill before KY House Com­mit­tee would force women to have sono­gram dur­ing abor­tion pro­ce­dure. Read More →

International Women’s Day News Roundup

Happy Inter­na­tional Women’s Day, from.…a man.  Oh well, nev­er­mind the mes­sen­ger, here’s a quick roundup of the news from Inter­na­tional Read More →

If Sandra Fluke = Prostitute, Obama = Pimp

Yeah, some­one went there: And here we have a mas­ter­ful response from Angry Black Lady: Yeah, let that sink in. You’ve Read More →