International Women’s Day News Roundup

Happy Inter­na­tional Women’s Day, from.…a man.  Oh well, nev­er­mind the mes­sen­ger, here’s a quick roundup of the news from Inter­na­tional Women’s Day! First off, from Time Mag­a­zine, we have a debate on the ques­tion of “Are Women Peo­ple?” that addresses some of the recent issues (San­dra Fluke, manda­tory ultra­sounds for abortion-happy ladies, etc) and considers […]

Quick hits: world women’s news

The activist group Saudi Women for Dri­ving is urg­ing the automaker Sub­aru to stop sell­ing its cars in Saudi Ara­bia, in the hope that this will put addi­tional pres­sure on the king­dom to end the ban against women dri­ving. You can sign the peti­tion to tell Sub­aru to stop sell­ing its cars where women can’t […]