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How to “Pick your outfit appropriately”

It’s time to party, which means it’s time to choose my party out­fit. I want to look hawt but not Read More →

Planned Parenthood president speaks in Louisville

Planned Par­ent­hood pres­i­dent Cecile Richards appeared at a fundraiser for Planned Par­ent­hood in Louisville, Ken­tucky at the museum hotel 21 c. Read More →

Everything you need to know about the 2012 Kentucky Derby

A roundup of the best lady-related 2012 Ken­tucky Derby cov­er­age. Read More →

Beauties and Brutes

KP is a 24-year-old grad­u­ate stu­dent. In her debut post for Her­Linked, KP explains why it was fem­i­nism that led her both to join and quit a Ken­tucky bur­lesque troupe. Read More →

44 years after MLK assassination, Lexington sanitation workers stand up

44 years after MLK assas­si­na­tion, san­i­ta­tion work­ers in Lex­ing­ton, KY peti­tioned the local gov­ern­ment for recog­ni­tion as a union. Read More →

Score one for reproductive rights in Kentucky

Ken­tucky House Health and Wel­fare Com­mit­tee votes down three bills that would restrict women’s access to abor­tion. Read More →

Fetal Seance Bill” sits before Kentucky House Committee

Bill before KY House Com­mit­tee would force women to have sono­gram dur­ing abor­tion pro­ce­dure. Read More →

YA novelist Kristen Simmons has successful homecoming in Louisville

Louisville’s favorite local book­store Carmichael’s was down­right stuffy tonight, packed as it was with women and men of all ages. They Read More →

Kentucky Woman Wins Case with National Labor Relations Board

In my inau­gural post, I thought I’d high­light a recent bit of news about a Louisville woman who was ter­mi­nated Read More →

Moving on after Friday’s storms / How to help

This used to be a barn. This used to be a trailer. These are scenes from the after­math of the storms Read More →