Strippers and marriage

I’ve got two unrelated news items for you: one on strippers and one on marriage.

Let’s start with the strippers. If I had a nickel for every time I said that…

The city of Louisville’s new regulations on adult entertainment establishments are way harsh. For example, the ordinance prohibits the sale of alcohol and, I shit you not, nudity. If it is the city’s goal to force all strip clubs out of business by fall, then they will probably be successful. Read Jonathan Meador’s fascinating feature story for the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) Weekly.

I presided (yes, I) over the wedding of my best friend yesterday. I am awesome and am very cheap ($10 per parental tear drop), for all you pre-nuptial couples out there ;) And today was the first day that gay couples could get married in New York. Be sure to listen to NPR’s coverage; it made my eyes leak.

To the hundreds that were married today in New York, and to my wonderful best friend and her wonderful husband, I say, Congrats, you crazy kids! Happy ever after!

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