A message about that horrible Anonymous message to Kayne West

When it comes to Things White Peo­ple Love, ‘talk­ing about how big an ass­hole Kanye West is’ is the new ‘talk­ing about how much Nickleback’s music sucks.’ Today, we seem to have reached peak Kayne-hate. Cir­cu­lat­ing on Facebook/the Inter­net is a seven-minute plus video mes­sage to Kayne West by some­one claim­ing to be affil­i­ated with the […]

Show runners: The women of pop”

Cri­tique of a New Yorker story on Bey­oncé, Lady Gaga and Adele: “The Women of Pop: Bey­oncé and Lady Gaga” by Sasha Frere-Jones.

Wimbledon: What a bunch of deuces

After female ten­nis play­ers were crit­i­cized for the dis­tract­ing nois­i­ness of their grunts by Wimbledon’s chief exec­u­tive, Ser­ena Williams com­plained that she was sched­uled for a lower court, which would never hap­pen with her male counterparts.