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All for one, and one for proper sword fighting attire

When I first saw the teaser trailer for the soon-to-be released The Three Mus­ke­teers, I thought they had added a Read More →

It’s the little things

Ken­tucky news­pa­per fea­tures “Summer’s hottest women” on vir­tual front page. Read More →

An open letter to Jennifer Hudson

An open let­ter to Jen­nifer Hud­son con­cern­ing her recent com­ments about her weight loss. Read More →

Women’s soccer team trades t.n.a for tickets

To increase ticket sales, a Russ­ian women’s soc­cer team has pledged to play their next match in biki­nis. Read More →

Not Casey Anthony news

Her­Linked rants about the country’s Casey Anthony obses­sion and sug­gests sto­ries of actual impor­tance. Read More →

25-year-old Louisvillian accused of raping child

A 25-year-old Louisvil­lian named Tony Craw­ford was arrested today and charged with third-degree sodomy and first-degree unlaw­ful trans­ac­tion with a minor. Read More →

Violent, sexist billboard ad tells woman to “take it all in.”

Sex­ist, threat­en­ing bill­board ad for Stu­dio 54 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas tells a woman to “take it all in” as a man gags her with a mini-disco ball. Read More →

Show runners: The women of pop”

Cri­tique of a New Yorker story on Bey­oncé, Lady Gaga and Adele: “The Women of Pop: Bey­oncé and Lady Gaga” by Sasha Frere-Jones. Read More →